Shepherds Confessing Chris

February 22:



Shepherds Confessing Chris

Priests and pastors must live in the shadow of Christ. Despite their human limitations, Christ strengthens them to be witnesses of his sufferings. In this regard, Peter is a noble example. He was the weakest of the Lord's disciples. Christ strengthened Peter and made him chief shepherd of the physical Church on earth.

Today Peter speaks to his brother shepherds. He instructs them to behave conscientiously and selflessly. He admonishes them to be Christ for others. Priests and Pastors can only model Christ if their known Christ intimately. For their reason challenged his disciples on the subject of his identity. Peter, among the twelve, confessed him, Lord and saviour. Peter did not rely on the evidence of hearsay. He spoke with faith and conviction.

Is the Church still speaking with the same conviction? Is the Church a community of ambassadors of Christ? These are pertinent questions for our time. Membership is thinning. The message sometimes is lukewarm. The ego sometimes takes precedence over the gospel and the sufferings of Christ. Jesus and Christ, respectively, in today's Liturgy of the Word challenge us to acknowledge Christ as the Son of the living God. To do this effectively as Peter did Priests and Pastors must do all they possibly can to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to them, each day.

Like David in Psalm 22, priests and pastors must behave humbly and keep believing that regardless of the position they hold in the Church, the Lord remains for all times the shepherd of all his disciples and apostles. If as Priest and Pastors, they allow Christ to lead them, they will want for nothing. They will be sure to dwell in God's house forever and ever.

Lord, bless all priests and pastors. Make them holy unto you for the sake of your sheep.

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