The Holiness of the People of God



The Holiness of the People of God

Everyone wants to go to heaven. But people are generally afraid of being holy. They believe holiness demands extraordinary otherworldly qualities. That is true. It offers us a chance to live a high degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence. Holiness challenges mortals to put on the nature of God and to become redeemers with the Father and the Son.

People do not become saints by having buried their heads in the clouds or in the sand. No! Their whole beings must be rooted in the life and struggles of the world that is craving for redemption and salvation.Holiness is sown, grown and tested in the world before it is recognised in heaven. It is by doing the practical everyday menial things that bring liberation, deliverance, salvation and redemption to suffering humanity that human holiness finds expression before God.

The narrative of the Last Judgment in Matthew 25:31-46 is a practical account of Christian stewardship and holiness. Men and women will be judged for their compassion, love, mercy and patience towards the sufferers in the world. It is the ability to love others like Christ and to mirror the innate nature and substance of God's presence in the world.

Secularism, individualism, hedonism make us vengeful, resentful and bitter. In fact, what the world considers love is immoral and selfish. Holiness, according to Christ, in Matthew 5:38-48 is selfless. It does not discriminate against anyone - it loves even its enemies and seeks to bless them in every way. Friends, our present situation is not the ideal. God made us: to know him, love, and serve him in this world to live with him forever. This is the summary objective of holiness. To cultivate the virtues of God and to wear his crown of glory in the end. God made us for righteousness sake. We can transform the present historical, social, political, economic and religious environment by deliberating imitating the holiness of God and Christ. Let us rise to the occasion.

Lord, prepare me for holiness. I will follow wherever you lead me.

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