Witnesses of Faith

MONDAY: Seventh Week in Ordinary Time


Witnesses of Faith

A Christian theology or spirituality that is unrelated to the human conditions is tenuous. Theology and spirituality must both be able to live and articulate people’s struggles, trials, their wars, nakedness, hunger, pains. They must depict the hand of God at work among his people, healing them and transforming their narrative through his divine intervention.

Spirituality is the quality of Christian witness among sufferers in the world. As ambassadors of Christ, Christians are the eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet of Christ in the world. They must possess the mind and heart of Christ (1Cor.2:16). They interface with the world just as Christ would. Selflessness must define them and their activities since they live and work among the people of God for no other reason other than making the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Christianity a painful and lonely life, but it can also be joyful, enriching and fulfilling once those who embrace it understand its language is that of the cross (1Cor.1:18). Christian consciousness and the notion of solidarity are synonymous (Lk.4:18; Matt.25:31-46). The spirit of Christianity begs us to embody the Beatitudes (Matt.5:3-12). Is that kind of Christian witness still possible in the world today? Christ says it is possible if only the Christian life is rooted in, and built on faith.

It is through faith and grace at work in Christians, they can overcome the world in Christ (Jn.16:33). Bogged down by bitterness, jealousy, self-seeking ambition, and deception will seriously compromise Christian integrity and hamper their ability to be authentic witnesses for Christ.

What can we do? Our Baptismal Promise defines the Christian agenda. If Christians are faithful to the end. They, like Christ, will conquer the world.

My God, help me that I may be faithful to my calling as a steward in your vineyard.

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