Accepting God’s Will

TUESDAY: Seventh Week in Ordinary Time


Accepting God’s Will

Truth faith in God is unconditional. God's will must supersede our every interest no matter how urgent our earthly wants maybe. God is the only one who can determine their necessity and urgency. Christ heard three loud no's from his Father during his agony in the garden. With silent reverence, Christ consigned his will to the Father's. His humility and obedience were impeccable, even in the face of death. Recently, a brother was in trouble. I went before the Blessed Sacrament intending to pray for him. I asked Lord what I must do. Stunningly, I heard three loud no's form the Lord. His trials persisted. Weeks later, I asked the Lord a second time only to get the same response. Who am I to judge my brother?

If we trust in the omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of the Father and the Son, we can never feel disenchanted when either one says no, to our request. God is always purposeful in his responses. He will never give to his children a stone for an egg or a serpent for a fish (Lk.11:11). He would rather have his children wait until they are well disposed to receive and utilize their gifts in ways befitting of their salvation.

Integrity matters. It is the seedbed for spontaneous growth and stability in spirituality. No one can approach God haphazardly. Our interior disposition must reflect a childlike nature before we can have full access to God’s favours (Matt.8:3). One who does not possess such spiritual qualities is destined to self-destruct, as James noted in today's first reading. In other words, prayer and Christian spirituality reap abundantly from the tree of salvation when people are selfless, humble and obedient.

O God, grant me a heart like your Son that I may receive the loudest no from you and still consign myself to do your will.

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