God’s Covenant of Life with Us

THURSDAY: After Ash Wednesday


God’s Covenant of Life with Us

The preferred option for the people of God is to choose the covenant of life. Those who preserve the integrity of their souls will enjoy the fullness of life. God has destined his children to live with him in his kingdom forever and ever (Jn.10:10). Faith, grace, obedience and fidelity to the Father and the Son will guarantee us the gift of eternal life. The Psalmist assures us God is the sole author of eternal happiness. Those who put their trust in him will be happy for all times (Ps.39:5).

St. Paul puts this quite nicely when he says that the phases of our redemptive suffering on earth are incomparable to the eternal glory that awaits those who love and trust in the Lord (Rom.8:18). This saying is a powerful reminder of the brevity of life on earth and its longevity with God in heaven. Wisdom, therefore, is a vital necessity in helping us make the right choices in life and to keep us always faithful to the covenant of life.

Choosing the covenant of life means, we must be prepared to die to ourselves in loving and serving Christ. In other words, we must ready ourselves to embody all the virtues, values of Christ Jesus. We must steady ourselves to endure his valour. Again, the notion of redemptive suffering comes to the fore. If we want to shear in Christ's glory, we must also partake of his passion and death so that we might be coheirs with him.

Lent, therefore, places us at the crossroad. There Christ is our sentinel. He directs us in good stead to the paths of long ago that will take us back on the road to salvation (Jer.6:16). No matter how sordid our past may have been, if we dialogue with God in earnest, he will wash and cleanse us and put us back on the path of salvation and life (Is.1:18). Fiends, let us not be fooled by the lure of sin. Let us make use of the crossroad experience Lent offers us, endure all forms of redemptive suffering so that we once again might choose life and negate death.

Lord, you are my life and my hope. I trust in you.

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