Battling Injustice with the Mind of Christ

FRIDAY: After Ash Wednesday


Battling Injustice with the Mind of Christ

Holiness is invalid if it is not rooted in social justice. Our Lenten fast, prayer, and penance will bear no fruit if we are the causes of ongoing of human suffering. Genuine conversion challenges us to undo all immoral social structures and to break away with all dubious practices that will hinder the genuine human and spiritual growth of others. It is imperative. Christians cannot abstain from works of justice and mercy. As ambassadors of Christ Jesus, the Christian mission is the world is to transform the human condition at all levels and to give the suffering the opportunity to enjoy God's favour (Is.61:1-2; Lk.4:18).

Self-scrutiny in the light of the social disorder, which surrounds us, our personal contribution to the evil structures that exist, the inhumanity that is consuming the poor and the needy are Lord's primary concern in Isaiah 58:1-9. Isaiah is making clear to us that Lent is not about going into hibernation. No! It a season when the children of God face and deal with the contradictions that exist in their lives and make every effort to vanquish evil and enforce the good.

Lent, in other words is not the season for the parade of charlatans within the body of Christ. It is season of truth, cleansing, and conciliation. It is either the bridegroom is with us or we have divorced ourselves from the bridegroom. However, the better option is to become a faithful bride of Christ.

Lord, thanks for allowing me, still struggling with sin, to be part of this season of renewal, love, mercy, and compassion. Your sense of solidarity is beyond human understanding. I love you.

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