A Lamp in the Darkness

SATURDAY: After Ash Wednesday


A Lamp in the Darkness

Becoming a light for others must be a voluntary and decisive decision to walk away from the darkness that was once your protection. A lighted lamp is a potential victim of its new circumstances. Unlit, they are undisturbed. But when lighted, the winds will try to extinguish it. Light causes controversy. It exposes corruption and evil. It enlightens the path and illuminates the life of victims of the darkness. It offers them the alternative to walking in the protection of the truth. Anyone who is annexed to Christ must be an extension of his light.

We are the lamps of Christ. Many of us by sheer complacency or caught up in the web of sin and evil have grown cold in the dark. God in Christ is eager to spark some light into us as Christ did with Levi, the tax collector. Through the Church's Lenten activities, Christ is reaching out to us. Through his word and the grace of the sacraments, he is willing to set us aglow. He is making us another Matthew. He wants us to become symbols of righteousness, justice and peace amid a corrupt world.

Isaiah lists the types of ambiguities existing in the dark, which continue to ruin the foundation of our nations and sustain darkness around us. Once the spark of Christ’s light has set our lamps aglow, God will empower us to show others the way that they too may walk in his truth (Ps.85:11). How can we implement this change and sustained it? Not by any cultural, political or economic revolution. It has to be by an ongoing spiritual revolution of the human heart, mind, body, soul and spirit (Rom.12:2). Are we ready this Lenten season to embark on this revolution with Christ Jesus? If so, let respond to the call of Christ as Levi. Let us subscribe to the biblical morality put forth by Isaiah 58:9-14.

Lord, I place myself at your disposal. Do with me as you did with Levi.

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