God empowered us In Christ against Temptation and Sin



God empowered us In Christ against Temptation and Sin

Humankind, not rooted in God, and Christ and uninformed by the Holy Spirit, are prone to temptation. God created men and women divine beings like himself. God bestowed upon humankind the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Is.11:2). God gave them authority, power and dominion over all the works of his hand (Ps.8:5). He filled them with his own Spirit (Ex.35:31) and enriched them with understanding, skills, and ability to be collaborators with him to bring creation to its fullness (Ex.31:3). In other words, humankind has the spiritual capacity to overcome temptation, sin, and evil, if they are obedient to God.

Each human is a complete divine tool, in the hands of God. The Psalmist says it well "The Lord is my shepherd there is nothing I shall want (Ps.23:1)." In other words, working in tandem with God, men and women need no further external stimuli to sustain their integrity and enhance their ability. God has made all the necessary provisions for humankind's holistic development and integrity. When a person believes, he or she is incomplete and when self-esteem is lacking, that person is prone to temptation, evil, and sin. The individual will grab at a straw to prove his or her ego.

That was the downfall of Adam and Eve. They were discontented with themselves. Then they wanted to be equal with God at the behest of the devil. The result was tragic: they lost themselves and the eternal reward that was their due in the process. From henceforth all generations, are victims of Adam's fall from grace.

Christ, the second Adam, did not cling to equality with God. He emptied himself and assumed the condition of a servant. God raised him up and gave him a name above all names (Phil.2:6-11). Begotten in Christ, God once again has given humankind a noble example in Christ. All who live, move, and exist in Christ can now imitate Christ in his humility and obedience. If we have the mind of Christ, no hidden persuaders can force us to conform to their demands.

Who or what shall we rely on to prove our humanity and integrity during this Lenten season?

O God, with you in me and I in you, I can do all things without offending you.

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