The Incarnate Word of the Father

TUESDAY: First Week of Lent


The Incarnate Word of the Father

Isaiah, in today's first reading, points us towards Christ, who did not fail the Father. For Christ, all that mattered was to fulfil the will of his Father. His temptations, his ambivalence with the scribes and Pharisees, the lack of faith among his disciples and the people, his Passion and death never obstructed, nothing hindered Christ's commitment to the Father.

Christ is the source and summit of humankind's spiritual growth and fullness of salvation. Once Christ is fully nurtured in us, we must bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit to the praise and glory of God our Father. Christ's mission as shepherd of the lost sheep was and still is to unite us as one people of God. St. Paul sums up this notion succinctly when he says we are one body in Christ (Rom.12:5) and again when he reminds us there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one Spirit and one Father of us all (Eph.4:5). Paul's summary is a concise version of the "Our Father".

In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus presented his disciples and all would-be followers of Christ a curriculum for Christian stewardship. In this prayer, Jesus outlined everything the Word can achieve in us and through us as imitators of Christ in the world. Remember the consecratory prayer at the end of Christ earthly mission: "Father, may they be one is us, as you are in me and I in you, so that the world may believe that it was you who sent me (Jn.17:21).”

Since we are the living stones building up the body of Christ in the world. It is our mission to embody the world and bring is its mission to fulfilment. We cannot return to God empty-handed. Those who understand the Lord's Prayer and those who pray it will recognise the wisdom of Christ who taught his followers this prayer as a catechetical tool to build our Christian consciousness and sense of stewardship. How does it help us during our Lenten pilgrimage?

Prayer on an individual basis alone will not help our spirituality to grow and produce the fruits of the kingdom. We must belong entirely to the Father in Christ and adopt his entire mission into our lives. Until all who profess Christ and share his spirit as one in every way, The Word will not succeed.

O God, help me. Let me imitate your Son. Make me a servant of your living word.

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