Reconciling the World to God

WEDNESDAY: First Week in Lent


Reconciling the World to God

The strength of a nation rests on the quality of its leaders. Leadership that believes it is not accountable to God is a recipe for social unrest. It will conscientiously undermine the value of integrity and the need for spirituality and social justice. The redemption and salvation of Nineveh rest not only on the obedience Jonah. The cooperation of the king played a vital role in Nineveh's call to conversion. God uses every human presence who cooperate with his divine plan to save his people.

Christian leaders must never forget to exercise the three divine gifts they have in common with Christ. Together, all the baptised are priests, prophets and king in Christ. Regardless of our position in the social, political, economic, and religious hierarchy, we are never exempted from promoting the virtues and values of the kingdom. Building moral consciousness is every baptised person's responsibility.

According to Joel 2:12-18, the call to conversion includes everyone. Personages do not count in matters of righteousness (Rom.2:11-13). Everyone is obligated to be as holy and perfect as God is (Matt.5:48; 1Pet.1:16). Moreover, as prophets of Christ, we are all collaborators with him like Jonah in reconciling the world to God (2Cor.5:20-6:2). The demand for signs and miracles today are inexcusable.

No one should ever tempt God. If as the people of Nineveh, we respond to the call of conversion, God will forgive us and save our nation. It is pointless demanding miracles from God. The Scriptures, the Gospels, and Epistles. They all speak with clarity concerning the fate of sinners as opposed to the glorious end of the converted and the righteous. I appeal to everyone during this Lenten season, let us lend God a listening ear and let us play our part in reconciling the world to God.

Lord, bend my heart according to your will. Make me a symbol of hope for others.

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