Exercising our Priesthood in Christ

THURSDAY: First Week in Lent


Exercising our Priesthood in Christ

The objective of prayer is to establish an unbreakable and perfect bond with God and our neighbours. Prayer seeks at every opportunity to eliminate enmity and create an atmosphere of solidarity where all men and women can exist and experience equality, fraternity, justice, peace and protection from God. Prayer is an exercise of our priesthood in Christ. In the worship of God, we offer our whole life as a living sacrifice to save those in peril and ourselves. In other words, Christians are those ordained by Christ and who voluntarily place themselves on the cross to save others.

Esther's action is a prototype of the Passion of Christ, his sweat and tears in the Garden of Gethsemane in anticipation of his crucifixion. Esther modelled for us the intensity of Christian prayer and responsibility. Christian prayer, love, and solidarity are synonymous towards their objective to change and transform the human condition and make it pleasing to God. Esther also taught us; regardless of how noble our thoughts and actions are we can never achieve anything without the assistance of God. Otherwise, we are doomed to fail.

Jesus, for his part, instructs us on the intensity and the effectiveness of persistent prayer in today's gospel. Christ challenges us to be persuasive when we pray. Obstacles will come but never cease. For on the day we call, God will answer us (Ps.137:3) and God will give a just response. However, the real effectiveness of prayer and sacrifice find expression when we are just with others.

How will we respond to the demands of today's Liturgy of the Word? Will we continue to fast, pray, and do penance only to satisfy our personal needs and wants? Alternatively, shall we engage in prayer as an exercise of our priesthood, prophetic mission and servant-kingly status in Christ because we recognise we are collaborators with Christ in the work of redemption and salvation?

God, grant me the grace to offer myself each day as a living sacrifice to accomplish my mission here on earth. I long to live and die like you.

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