No Room for Deception

FRIDAY: First Week in Lent


No Room for Deception

Conversion, conciliation, integrity are consistent with the call to holiness and steadfastness with Christ. We are all sinners! God admits even virtuous men are guilty of sin (Sir.7:20). He further acknowledges his restless efforts towards restoring our integrity. What God cannot endure is our complacency towards sin and our constant vacillation between good and evil. God knows the call to holiness and purity of heart is an ongoing battle against sin and infidelity. God in Christ has placed himself at the crossroads. He is our sentinel waiting to guide us back along the road, which will lead in good stead (Jer.6:16; Ps.23).

Today, the Father cautions us about vacillation along the way of salvation. He shows us that there is a serious lack of integrity when we keep repeating the past and taking it for granted. Repetitious sin seriously erodes our integrity and can compromise our salvation if we do not take the call to conversion and conciliation seriously.

Christ Jesus simultaneously challenges us against all forms of double standards as Christians. Only sincerity and purity of heart will guarantee us full communion with God in the end. Sincere conversion and conciliation must be reflected in our human interaction and relationships with others. It is impossible to love God and to maltreat your brothers and sisters. "Your will not get out until you have paid the last penny" indicates the compassion, love, and mercy of God towards us as sinners. He will pursue our salvation as far as in Purgatory.

Lord, be patient with me. I am still a struggler along the way of salvation.

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