We Are Made to Love

SATURDAY: First Week of Lent


We Are Made to Love

This is not the time for ambivalence. Lent offers the baptised in Christ the full opportunity to take all the necessary measures to rebuild our integrity in Christ. Because we are godlike and Christ like, our only option is to be holy and perfect like the Father and the Son. Holiness and perfection is a personal decision to let God inscribe his covenant on our hearts. Only then, shall we grow in intimate knowledge and love of him, be willing to serve him, and yearn to dwell with him unto eternity.

It is through our allegiance to this divine covenant we can transcend hate and acquire the ability to love even our worse enemy like the Father and the Son. God and Christ do not only love their enemies. No! They make provisions for their wellbeing and salvation. Hate, in whichever form has its prejudices. The anger and resentment it encourages in our hearts deprive us of the ability to imitate the Caritas and Filial love the two greatest commandments expect of us (Matt.22:37-40).

Love is an imperative demand in Christian spirituality. No one achieves divine perfection through hate. For this reason, God is consistent in his appeal for us to rise from the destructiveness of hate and evil. Obey the commandments and internalise the nature and substance of the Father and the Son. That is the only way we can and will transcend our human weakness, break with our past and rise to the expected divine nature God has in mind for us.

Today! Let us make a commitment to rid ourselves of resentment and anger and let the spirit of the covenant govern the rest of our lives here on earth. God, then, will claim us as his own. Lent is specifically designed to achieve this end in those who are baptised in Christ. Are we ready?

Lord, I have struggled through the years to open the door from within. You have been patient with me. Let your love and grace inspire me to fling the door wide open this Lenten season. Your mercy and your love that is all I need.

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