Sharing in Christ’s Glory



Sharing in Christ’s Glory

Since we move, live and have our being in Christ, we have a glorious opportunity to share in every aspect of the human and divine life of Christ Jesus. St. Paul puts it more glaringly by reminding us we are neither strangers nor foreigners but citizens and members of the household of God (Eph.2:19). In other words, the possibilities for us to share in the mystical life of Christ is limitless. Thus, the Lenten journey with Christ offers us a window into what is expected of us as Disciples of Christ.

Each stage of the divine life of Christ provides us with an opportunity to marvel at the love of God for humankind. Speaking through the Prophet Isiah 1:18, God the Father promised to wash every repentant sinner as white as snow. The Transfiguration of Christ Jesus, it a perfect depiction of what God has in mind for us. Through the forgiveness of sins, God will transfigure our lowly bodies and make them like his glorious body (Phil.3:21). He will make us permanent citizens of the kingdom of his beloved Son (1Cor.1:13-14).

In other words, Lent is not all about redemptive suffering; it is also a time of thanksgiving. Because through the various mystical experiences of Christ, God the Father is pointing us towards our own, glory and encourages us to imitate the humility and obedience of Christ. The demand for change and transformation takes us from one state to another, in complete obedience to God's will as Abraham was asked to do (Gen.12:1-4).

My friends let us adopt the posture of St. Paul. Christ transfigured him from Saul to Paul and allowed him to share in his Passion and sufferings as well as in his divine glory. The Lenten season gives us the chance to participate in Christ's Passion so that we might share in his glory.

O God, grant me grace and endurance to participate fully and conscientiously in your Passion. I long share your glory.

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