MONDAY: Second Week in Lent



In the olden days, when a person was found guilty of treason, he was decapitated. When Thomas More refused to acknowledged King Henry VIII as the head of the Church of England, he was beheaded. Not even King Charles was spared from execution for the same apparent reason. Traitors, alive or dead, had no protection from death under the law. "Oliver Cromwell was posthumously convicted of treason, and his body was disinterred from its tomb in Westminster Abbey and hanged from the gallows at Tyburn."[1]

The Prophet Daniel equated sin with treason, a lack of integrity and divine pride. Daniel boldly admitted and confessed we are all victims of infidelity, sedition, subversion, mutiny, betrayal, duplicity. Paul put this in more glaring terms when he said we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom.3:23). His is a candid admission of guilt. Humankind, from Adam, until today, has committed treason against the kingdom of God.

Despite our repeated acts of treason, God finds no pleasure in the death of sinful men and women (Ezek.18:23). He longs to wash and cleanse us and set us free (Is.1:18). In fact, St. Paul assures us "the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death (Rom.8:2)." For Christ, told us the Father did not send him to condemn the world but to save it through his love for the world (Jn.3:16). What is our response to God's love and mercy?

Modern man seeks every opportunity to redefine the commandments and to endorse humanism and hedonism as the new adjectives, which define their origin, their pattern of behaviour and their destination in life. The historical, social, political, economic and religious culture, which exist today defy all accountability to God. People arrogantly pursue the cause of individualism and licentiousness as if God is blind.

Apparently, humankind has relegated the use of mind and conscience to a select few individuals. Those men and women grasp every opportunity to pursue their aggrandizement. They feed the ego of the gullible, who in turn, rebel against God and his kingdom. What must we do? Let us imitate Daniel in his confession. If we approach God with a firm purpose of amendment. He will save us in his love.

Lord, show us your mercy and grant us your salvation.

[1] This Day in History, King Charles I Executed for Treason, January 30,

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