Deception versus Truth

WEDNESDAY: Second Week in Lent


Deception versus Truth

With our hearts set in the wrong place, our corrupt minds will shape our perception of the truth and define our actions. The truth will be relative, and evil will dominate our consciousness. This is the perfect scenario for a calculated assault on truth. Wherever individualism abounds, truth is a victim. An innocent person will be a sacrificial lamb. The conspiracy against Jeremiah and the attacks on Christ are examples of the culture of deception, destruction and death our misguided egos can set up in opposition to the divine truth and the culture of life.

Corrupt individuals will go beyond the call of duty to conceal their acts from the slightest glimmer of light. Darkness is their domain. Truth and light are their enemies. They will seek every opportunity to conspire against truth and light and to eliminate them to protect their disquiet conscience. Against these corrupt practices, this culture of hate, destruction, death and individualism Jesus cautioned his disciples. Discipleship, power and stewardship in the kingdom are not about individualism and status. Those who aspire to walk in the footsteps of Christ, as he warned James and John, must ready themselves to imitate him in his passion and martyrdom.

Lent offers us that glorious opportunity for deep introspection. We must search our hearts to discover what motivates our patterns of behaviour that are inconsistent with the principles of righteousness, justice, peace and moral consciousness. Let us weed out any semblance of these traits if they lurk therein. Let us live and die for the truth. Let us be true prophets like Jeremiah and an authentic saviour like our Lord Jesus Christ.

Train me, O Lord that I may never surrender in the face of deception and hostility in the defiance of the truth. Keep my heart, mind, soul and spirit always firmly rooted in the ways of truth.

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