Christ, Our River of Life

THURSDAY: Second Week in Lent


Christ, Our River of Life

A conscientious person always searches for truth, clarity and meaningfulness in life. He or she tries to remain grounded in the ways of perfection. Reproducing the virtues and values of Christ are his or her primary objective in life. Heaven is his or her ultimate goal. The moment we understand this, we will strive to reproduce the fruits of God in our lives and reflect the perfection of God. Men and women are capable of eternal happiness when they embody the qualities of God the Father. When they become the begotten sons and daughters of God. They are as if trees planted on the water's edge. They become channels of hope, life, healing and refreshment for others.

Bewitched and bedeviled by a heavy conscience is not God's plan for us. His plan is that we should possess the gifts of the Spirit and produce its fruits. That, of course, is possible only when our whole life is deeply rooted in the life of the Spirit. Christ Jesus is the river of life; those who are planted in Christ will be forever young. They will always be productive. The Spirit flowing through them will make them symbols of the tree of life. In other words, true happiness and the usefulness of life are found only in God and in Christ. Basking in wealth and neglecting the poor clearly demonstrates the absence of the Spirit flowing in us and through us. We are as dry shrubs planted in the dry land.

Lord, all I ask of you is to surround me with your grace. Let my roots thrust deep in the river of salvation that I may be forever productive in the way of salvation. .

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