Let us not Create Our Own Monster

FRIDAY: Second Week of Lent


Let us not Create Our Own Monster

The rapid spread of COVID 19 has brought us face to face with our mortality. The Coronavirus has exposed the callous maliciousness and deep level of conspiracy, which exist among men who feel, empowered and entitled. It has exposed the weakness and thoughtlessness of the likes of globalism, humanism, and materialism; they are useless to save victims from the scourge of the virus and to protect tumbling economies and free movement of peoples. We have reduced the world to a laboratory. Like little Einstein(s), we are creating monsters that are gobbling us up. We are in a state of panic because we feel powerless in the face of human invention.

Weapons are the creation of intimidated minds and discontented spirits who yearn for power at any cost to themselves and others, especially the innocent and the unsuspecting. Whenever man displaces God in his life, he makes himself vulnerable and creates a disaster for himself and others. When greed replaces justice, all aspects of Caritas and filial love will die a premature death. Humanity will be under threat. The notion of entitlement, which comes with it strips people of their personhood. Those who perpetuate that kind of behaviour become victims themselves.

Joseph's betrayal (Gen.37:3-4.12-13.17-18), and the abuse of the servants of God in Matthew 21:21-34.45-46. Joseph's brothers and the tenants suffered the same fate. The conspiracy against Joseph by his blood brothers and the tenants against the landowner must remind us that connivance and extortion have repercussions. They boomerang. The device of our deception and wickedness sucks us in. We make ourselves victims of our malice and wickedness only for God to bring us back to our senses and lead us into conversion if we cooperate with him. (Ps.104:16-21).

Like Joseph and the Son, God will release the just and the innocent from the claws of the wicked. God will make them masters of his house and ruler of all he possess. Lent offers all the dysfunctional children of God an opportunity to free themselves from jealousy, hate, connivance, deception, extortion and to practice integrity. Lent begs us to take heed: grace is flowing like a river into our direction from the heart of the Father and the Son. Let us with a firm purpose of amendment make full use of God's redeeming love and grace.

Lord, save me from the claws of jealousy. Teach and lead me in the ways of justice.

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