Prodigal Servants of Christ

SATURDAY: Second Week in Lent


Prodigal Servants of Christ

It takes a prodigal to know and understand the ways of a prodigal. According to Psalm 102, God is overtly extravagant with his compassion, love, patience and mercy. Even when our sins are crimson or scarlet, once we are willing to turn back to God with all our heart, he will lavish the wealth of the kingdom on us with no concessions (Is.1:18).

As members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church as a community of pastors must embody the extravagant nature and qualities of the Father and the Son. She must be a community of good shepherds who are willing to search for every lost sheep and carry them back into the sheepfold over her shoulders and lavish them with divine empathy and solidarity (Jn.10:7-18). The Church is the gate to our Father's house. The Church must be hospitable for the homecoming of her prodigal children. (Ezek.18:21-32).

The Church in the world has a specific mission in the world: to tread down the faults of her children into the bottom of the sea (Mic.7:14-18. 18-21). Christ commissioned the Church to search for the lost sheep (Lk.15:1-7), to forgive sins and bind souls for the kingdom (Jn.20:23). In other words, the father figure in the story of the "Prodigal Son" prefigures the nature and substance of the Church in the world. Mindful that we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rom.3:23) but through the extravagant love of God shown to us in Christ Jesus, all of us, are mandated to be empathetic toward those who extravagantly wasteful of God's grace. We must be a community of compassionate priests and prophets like Christ (Heb.5:1-10).

The Lenten season is designated to disclose us to our true selves. It enables us to appreciate the marvels God has worked in our lives and now all he asks of us as he did of the eldest son into day's gospel is to share the same consolation we have received from him with others during their time of sorrow (2Cor.1:3-7).

O God, I thank you for your enduring patience, kindness, mercy, and compassion. Grant me the grace to possess your virtues, values and courage that I can always stand in solidarity with those struggling on the way of salvation.

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