Simplicity, Humility, and Obedience will Win You Your Life

MONDAY: Third Week of Lent


Simplicity, Humility, and Obedience will Win You Your Life

Simplicity, humility, and obedience pave the way for the divine works and personal revelations of God in our respective lives. If the true nature and substance of the Father and the Son dwell in us, simplicity, humility and obedience will flow out of us naturally. The Lord abhors the arrogant; he will not deliver him from his distress (Prov.16:5-7). The haughty listens to no one. He dictates and imposes his will on everyone - even God. But the humble and the righteous the Lord delivers from all their troubles (Ps.34:17).

Regardless of one's social, political, economic or religious status, we must bear in mind sickness and death, are not a respecter of personages - all of us their victims - that God can show us his love and mercy. We can negotiate with God for our healing, but we cannot dictate our preference as his appointed servants. Lying on an operating table in your birth suit is most humbling. You feel as if the last vestige of your integrity has been stripped from you. But it is for your good that you approach the doctors, nurses and surgeons expose and your wounded self that you may be made whole again.

God will never compromise our dignity. Sin and sickness will. Nevertheless, God stands in solidarity with us when we approach him in simplicity, humility and obedience. He will restore our health and grant us salvation. He will always govern us by his grace. I have felt and behaved like Naaman many times over the last decade. But every time I surrendered to the will of the Lord, I experienced a new birth. This Lenten season let us bring our leprous souls to the Lord. Let us give the Lord a chance to wash us more and more in his love and mercy and prepare us for eternal glory with him in the kingdom.

My Lord and my God. Into your hands, I surrender my life and wellbeing.

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