Servants of Mercy

TUESDAY: Third Week of Lent


Servants of Mercy

I once had a friend who was convinced: forgiveness are acts of weakness, cowardice, and stupidity. It empowers and encourages offenders to repeat their misdeed, was my friend's constant refrain. Vengeance and resentment made the individual very unhappy. However, arrogance did not permit the individual to think or see otherwise.

To hate is human. To love is divine, but to forgive and love your enemies is to be clothed in Christ. Discipleship with Christ schools us and transforms us into models of Christ and ambassadors of reconciliation (2Cor.5:20). God sent his Son into the world to reconcile to the world to him. Christ, in turn, commissioned his disciples to do the same (Jn.20:21-23). Seven in scripture is a perfect number. However, it is highly improbable that Jesus would have agreed with Peter: after seven chances, there is no more hope for any offender in the kingdom of God.

As the one who holds the keys of the kingdom, Christ taught Peter, a true ambassador possess the following virtues: compassion, love, patience, mercy. In other words, even when Azariah, we are in the heart of the fire, we continue to strive and maintain a contrite soul and humble spirit. Unforgiveness will never permit us to imitate Azariah in the burning flame or Christ Jesus on the cross. However, Lent challenges us to embody the nature and substance of Christ and make his mission our own. Let us make ourselves divine lovers with Christ. Let go of resentment and anger. Let us like Christ learn to stand in solidarity with those who wrong us.

Lord, I relish your love, forgiveness and mercy. Make me an instrument of your healing love.

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