God’s Commandments are Eternal

WEDNESDAY: Third Week of Lent


God’s Commandments are Eternal

Laws are meant to protect human integrity and good social order. In the absence of the same, all human establishments will crumble for the lack of a code of conduct. In other words, laws and customs challenge people to behave and to apply themselves conscientiously.to the objective of life on earth. The same was Israel's dilemma before they received the laws and customs from the Lord. The children of Israel faltered along the way. They behaved unconscionably; wisdom evaded them; human integrity was waning.

Divine law and sacred customs exist to preserve the integrity of God's children and to school them in the wisdom of God. As the Lord puts it: he will not rest until the integrity of his children shines like the sun (Is.62:1). Cognizant of humankind's fallen nature, although, God cherishes our free will, yet he will never deprive us of the necessary moral codes to help us preserve our moral integrity (Deut.30:15-19). Thus, since God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb.13:8), he will not dilute the importance of his commandments. God will not permit immorality and complacency or flatter his children in ways that are unbecoming of his nature and substance as God.

God wants us to be gods like him (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34). Only humility, obedience, fidelity, faith and grace at work in us, we will help us achieve God's plan in our lives. Both Moses and Christ Jesus, in today's Liturgy of the Word, challenge us to be walk humbly devoutly in the presence of the Father. Do not expect any ambivalence from God. God has no preferences. Those who do his will, he will be gracious to them (Acts 10:34-35). My friends, during this Lenten season, let us rise up from the ashes of the past, fix our eyes of the Lord, obey his commandments; Be faithful to his commandments, keep his customs and grace will flow to us like a river.

O God, I believe your words are spirit, and they are life. Bend my heart according to your will and your love.

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