Is There another Other Joseph among Us?

FEAST: ST. JOSEPH, Husband of Mary


Is There another Other Joseph among Us?

The human person is the most dynamic creation of all God's creatures on earth. He shares in the divine nature of God and is capable of reproducing and preserving the works of God on earth (Gen.1:27; Ps.8:5). He is the most invaluable and indispensable asset of the economy of the kingdom of heaven and of salvation when he, unconditionally, cooperates with God's plan for his wellbeing and salvation. However, man simultaneously has the capacity for any detestable evil when he distances himself from God. At that point, man disturbs the tranquility and equilibrium of creation and defies the process of salvation (Jer.29:11) much to his own detriment (Deut.30:15-19).

The gentle mastery of God makes him willfully dependent on man's cooperation to facilitate his plan of salvation and that of the world. A level of collaboration and contribution we see evident in the call of Abraham, Moses and the prophets towards the development of the salvation of Israel. In his efforts to save humankind and the world, God always solicits the help of men and women to bring his plan to fruition. No human person is beneath God's dignity. He includes all men and women as indispensable coinages of his economy of salvation. When at baptism, we are anointed priests, prophets and kings like his Son, God invites us to contribute in the works of salvation (1Pet.2:5) as he did with Joseph.

The role of Mary and Joseph speak with bold clarity that our humility and obedience are treasured virtues. They increase the divine worth, value of our coinage, and permit us to make invaluable contributions to the development of the economy of salvation. As spouses, both Mary and Joseph in humility and obedience conceded to God's will. Today they stand out as towering channels and vehicles of God's grace to save humankind.

What about us? Our historical, social, political, economic, and religious context are hostile toward the commandments. Vocations in the Western world is almost at a standstill. Churches are emptying. Our self-invented monsters are consuming us. Where are the Mary and Joseph of our day? Who will volunteer to become the parents of Christ without resisting the generous offer of himself/herself to God? In every age, where sin abound there is need for another Mary and Joseph (Matt. 12:50). Who will answer the call?

Today's celebration challenges us to look beyond Joseph the carpenter to discover the value of Christian spirituality in each one of us. True Christian spirituality empowers those who possess it to accept whatever challenges placed before them by God and to fulfil their stewardship as humble and obedient servants of God in the same way as Joseph did. Those who see spirituality through the eyes Mary and Joseph, they are destined, like Mary and Joseph for great things in the kingdom of the Father and their Son. They are already heirs of God and coheirs with their Son, Jesus Christ.

Lord, here I am, ready to do your will.

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