Come Home to the Lord

FRIDAY: Third Week of Lent


Come Home to the Lord

I hate being a prophet of doom. However, at present, our hearts are not where they belong. Our hearts belong to God. Not until we place our hearts in the hands of God shall we enjoy the peace God has in mind for us. The world in turmoil. Nations are living in fear. The sheep feel stranded as if in the bare pastureland while shepherds scamper for shelter and safety.

There is a deep feeling in me that the devil has us just where he wants us. During the most sacred season of our Christian life, we are abandoning the ship of Christ. Each sheep must fend for itself. They will have either to swim or die. Historically, socially, politically, economically, spiritually, we are in a crisis. Humankind has abandoned its epicenter. They have forsaken God and have turned to the objects of creation for meaning and a purposeful future. Under such conditions, humankind has set themselves on the path of sin and destruction (Ps.14:1). They are reaping its fruits.

Cognizant of the human predicament confronting us now, the Lord again challenges us to come back to him with all our hearts. Plead with him to take away our iniquities and give us happiness once again (Hos.14:2-10). It is God's desire to heal all the nations, all the peoples of the earth, providing everyone turn back to him with all their heart, mind, body, soul and spirit (2Chr.7:14; Mk.12:28-34). However, the more God calls us to repentance the further we keep running from him and inflicting guilt and punishments on ourselves (Hos.11:1-6).

Sometimes God permits such plagues for only in the state of suffering and isolation our hearts and minds are more attuned to listen. God speaks with greater clarity when our bodies are at rest. The Coronavirus affecting us during the sacred season of Lent may just be a warning sign to all of us: God is aware of the duplicity at work in us. He is calling us to repentance and the fullness of life (Jn.10:10).

Lord, lead us home where we belong.

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