Return to the Lord

SATURDAY: Third Week of Lent


Return to the Lord

The warning bells are ringing much louder this Lenten season than in previous years. The chimes are echoes of hope, not despair, not disaster. Its rhythm sounds like that of a requiem and an Easter resurrection, intermittently. It reminds us that redemptive suffering is necessary where there is a need for purification, justification and glorification. Our present historical, social, political, economic and religious condition collectively is demanding cleansing and redemption.

The Coronavirus has sent the entire world and even the Mystical Body of Christ into a forceful Lenten retreat. It seems as if the whole world is subject to God's wrath. No! It is not. The bridegroom is no longer with us (Lk.5:35). All of us are fasting for want of Christ. In some measure, we are responsible for being beside the river of Babylon where we are now (Ps.137:1-9). We are singing the Ballard of our exile from grace because we have failed to listen to God. We placed our trust in man and their inventions, and our plans are coming to naught (Ps.146:3; 62:9; 118:8-9; Is.2:22). Those who put their trust in God will undergo redemptive suffering but will never self-destruct.

This is Hosea's warning to us today. He reminds us, our infidelity has failed us. It has left us in a desolate place. Unless we relent from our present deviant posture, we will be alone in the desert searching for God, for healing, peace and success in life. The first world, nor the second, or the third do not hold the solution for the fullness of human redemption, salvation and well-being. The Father has entrusted all things to Christ Jesus (Matt.28:19). Moreover, those who obey his commandments (Matt.22:36-40) they will live in peace. All God wants from us is love, not sacrifice (Hos.6:6).

Today, the world is sick and suffering. Integrity is at its lowest. The strong exploits every opportunity to debase the weak and still behave as if they are the epitome of righteousness. Christ decries such patterns of behaviour. Christ challenges us to imitate the posture of the humble publican that we might be at peace with God. The Coronavirus, like sin, has brought the whole world to its knees. To whom shall we turn? Science may be the cause of our predicament to protect the selfish interest of a few people. But God and Christ Jesus will bring down the mighty from their thrones and will lift up the lowly from the dust. Let us behave accordingly. Let us live believing, Christ will come again to save us.

Lord, come to our assistance. Lord, make haste to help us.

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