Lord Open our Eyes



Lord Open our Eyes

Obstacles offer visionaries opportunities to find alternative routes to the destination God has destined for them. Men and women of faith do not cower in the face of trials and failure. Crisis opens a completely new horizon for them. They rely on the eyes of the soul to discern the hand of God, guiding them to make the right choices. God called all his children to be visionaries with Christ. We must possess the mind of Christ if we are to accomplish God's will -especially in times of trials. Our entire anima (mind, body, soul and spirit) must be at the disposal of God that we may see, possess the wisdom of God, and discern his will with clarity.

Rash judgment is unbecoming of Christians. Together we are a community of prophets in Christ. Samuel stands out a model of the Church. By his action in today's first reading, Samuel teaches us to wait in patience to for the Lord to guide us in all of our decisions. Finding David from among the seven handsome sons of Jesse was an ordeal for Samuel. Why did God put Samuel through this? Only because God wanted Samuel to see the world and to judge it through his eyes, with his soul and his spirit. God does not judge by our appearance. God expects the same of us, his community of prophets.

Our virtues, values and our valour determine our worth in the economy of salvation. Our integrity will judge us worthy; it will qualify us for service in the kingdom. Only God can read the human heart. But its contents will become visible to the human eyes by our fidelity to God, our commitment to faith, our loyalty to the lost and blind sheep of the Lord.

Today's gospel depicts the drama between the spiritually impaired and physically blind. The former is incapable of discerning and accepting his blindness. The latter recognises he is blind and embraces the opportunity to seek corrective measures. His wisdom and his deliverance baffle the former who seeks answers to condemn the one whom the Lord has restored his sight. What about us? How does the context of the first reading and the gospel apply to us? Eloquence, letters, wealth, and social status are the criteria for choosing modern-day leaders -spirituality does not count. Where are they leading us at present? When a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon, they do everything to sow the seeds of despair. In this crisis, we need Christ to open our eyes to the truth and reality that surround us.

Lord, cleanse us and make us whole again.

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