Have Courage! God is with us

MONDAY: Fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Have Courage! God is with us

There is no need to despair while in the heart of fabricated tragedies. Do not cower when destructive storms are raging. Remember, God precedes us in all human experiences, trails, temptations, sufferings, death and resurrection. Christ's Temptations and Passion are vivid reminders. Nothing will overwhelm us when God is our creator, our formator, our guide and our saviour (Is.43:1-3). There are times and seasons for everything under the sun (Sir.3:1-8). No matter how rough the times and seasons may be the temptations of Christ reminds us God and the angels are always with us (Matt.4:1-4). Whatever turns into ashes prepares the way for a phoenix to rise. We shall all turn into ashes only to put on a new imperishable body in Christ (1Cor.15:42).

Amid our sufferings and isolation one from the other, Christ draws us into the desert with him. He invites to participate in his temptations and passion, intimately. We are in the doldrums now. But that is in anticipation of the new heaven and the new earth that God is preparing for us (Rev.21:5). When this pandemic ends, I trust there will be a new historical, social, political, economic and religious consciousness. One that will make us believe and behave as one people of God in every way. Let us go back to the model Christ intended when he taught the Our Father.

God and Christ can work miracles in our lives only when we believe (Rev.20). God will never override the gift of free will. However, we must know there are always consequences whenever freedom is abused. God and Christ can change our water into wine and heal all ills among us only when we cooperate with him (Jn.4:43-54; 1Chr.7:14). My friends, let us capitalize on this global lock-down as an opportunity to bend our will to the love of God and others in anticipation of the new order God has in mind for us when this pandemic is over. Close the door to the epidemic but open the door to our heart to welcome Christ in a new way.

Lord, I believe. I place all my trust in you.

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