We are Wading with Christ

TUESDAY: Fourth Week in Lent


We are Wading with Christ

Ezekiel's prophecy about the water flowing from the Temple, bringing life to all wherever it flowed is a beautiful allegory. It points us toward the pierced crucified Christ and the sanctity of Christian Baptism. Christ Jesus, speaking about his pending death, referred to his body as "this temple (Jn.20:19)." In his sacrificial death on the cross, and the blood and water flowing from his wounded side, Christ Jesus demonstrated he is the Temple from whom all blessings flow. He is the source and summit of our salvation and Christian activities in the world.

The Temple and the river symbolize Christ as the fountain of divine life and grace. Christ is the source of new life. Everything connected to, and that benefit from this river is life giving; they sustain life; they become a sacrament of life and hope for others. That is who we are in Christ Jesus. He is the river; we are the rivulets like branches of his vine.

Jesus demonstrates this beautifully in John 5:1-3.5-16 when he healed the man who had been sick for thirty-eight years. Contrary to negative public opinion, Jesus remained committed to healing, preserving, and saving lives. Today, as members of Christ Mystical Body in the world, each faith community, every living stone in the body of Christ is called upon to preserve lives by curtailing their freedom to work, attend Mass, to recreate publicly to protect the lives of the wider community.

Once we have waded through the waters of Baptism, our task and mission are the same as Christ's. Therefore, with a sense of Christian joy, Caritas and filial love let us endure this crisis knowing that we are making a sacrifice in the interest of saving as many lives as possible.

O God, strengthen in your love.

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