Transformed by the Word



Transformed by the Word

From the dawn of creation, God willed that humankind must share in his divine nature and substance. However, sin deformed the image and likeness of God in all men and women. God, for his part, never abandoned his love and friendship with his sinful creatures. God's plan of redemption from henceforth is ongoing. He is restless in his efforts to reinstate humankind in his image and likeness.

None of the ancient covenants, sacrifices, oblations, holocausts and sacrifices for sin sufficed in transforming and transubstantiating humankind into the divine begins as God intended. God, however, is zealous for humankind's salvation and the fullness. In the last days in Christ Jesus, God provided the ideal model of what the covenant must achieve in the lives of all who believe and accept God as their Father (Heb.1:1-4).

The word must become flesh in all of us. Like Christ Jesus, we must all become an incarnate word of God -we must become another divine son and daughter of God in the world. He created us to be gods - those who listen and are obedient to his will (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34). God never calls to imitate him without providing models. Thus, the narrative of "The Annunciation of the Lord" supplies us with many models worth of emulation.

The obedience of Ahaz in Isaiah 7:10-14, the full cooperation of Mary and Joseph in this narrative are testimonies of what happens in every human person's life who digests and assimilate the word of God without resisting God's efforts. They become mothers and foster fathers of Christ Jesus. Christ confirmed it when he said his mother, brothers and sisters are those who do the will of his Father (Matt.12:48). Will we cooperate with God today?

Lord, here I am. Do with me what you will.

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