There is Hope in this Pandemic

THURSDAY: Fourth Week of Lent


There is Hope in this Pandemic

I am optimistic. Something positive will emerge from the ashes of COVID 19. There is a pang of hunger and thirst for God right now. The world was a noisy place. Sacredness and sacred places lost their meaning and usefulness. The world was drifting rapidly towards paganism. Almost at the flip of a finger, the whole world is silent and pensive. The gods, which propelled the lunacy that is now consuming us, are themselves petrified. The finger of God is writing on our walls.

The narrative of Babel (Gen.11:1-19), the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen.19:1-29), the bronze serpent (Num.21:4-9), the calf of molten metal (Exod.32:7-14) all had tragic consequences for those who apostatized. God has some very unusual ways of addressing apostates. Job opined God wounds apostates, but he binds their wounds. He strikes them, but he also heals them and rescues them from further calamities (Job.15:18-19). Whenever people switch their allegiance from God, they incur the anger of God upon themselves. Fidelity to God promotes life. Apostasy brings death. God encourages us to choose life and avoid death (Deut.30:15-20).

Our present predicament begs for a deep soul searching. No doubt, many among us are living like apostates. The drift towards Satanism, humanism, secularism, materialism, individualism and hedonism is blatant. People have little regard left for the sacredness of their being. Today, in the silence of our homes, God is counting on us to do more than just reading the scripture and interpreting them according to preferences. God wants us to accept the word of God for what it is. It must transform us in ways that we will discover our whole being in Christ as well as to rediscover the real image and likeness of God in our souls. If we embrace this challenge seriously, I believe, at the end of this pandemic, together with Christ, we can create a new heaven and a new earth.

O God, open my eyes that I may understand my sinfulness and be ready to repent.

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