Heal Us, O Lord

FRIDAY: Fourth Week of Lent


Heal Us, O Lord

The world waits expectantly for the end of the much-dreaded Coronavirus. Meanwhile, there is a stealthiness mixed with fear, and deception encircling every nation. No one can tell who will be its next victim and for whom the bells shall toll.

The truth and reality of our vulnerability and mortality confront us without flattery. The human condition as it exists today challenges us to acknowledge the human person is more than just mere flesh and blood. The soul is an integral part of our being here on earth. Without a soul, we are like a puff of smoke. That soul, its longevity and sustainability depend on truth, integrity, and our ability to rise beyond our human limitations through humility and obedience to do God's will.

The moment we overstep the zone of truth, humility, and obedience, we will self-destruct and will attempt to destroy the messengers of truth. Scripture, however, is inspired by God to teach the truth, expose falsehood, correct people, bring them to holiness and prepare everyone for stewardship with God and Christ Jesus (2Tim.3:16-17).

In recent times, the world has radically departed from the truth of the gospels. We rely on our discoveries to define our existence and relevance to the world. The threats of prison sentences await those who do not comply with the demands of the modern-day notion of human rights and freedom. Christians contradict Christ, the prophets and the Church without blushing. In the last decade or so, we have gone too far from everything God intended for us.

O God, bring us back and let your face shine upon us.

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