Overcoming the Culture of Death

SATURDAY: Fourth Week of Lent


Overcoming the Culture of Death

In the absence of truth and with one's reluctance to admit the truth and is impervious to change, deception and mutiny are nearby. The messengers of truth are targets. The hearts of liars never ran short of schemes. Deception blindfolds them. They forget God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Their plots against the righteous, and attempts to silence the truth never succeed. They get caught in their snares.

Humankind will not learn - especially those distance themselves for God and Christ Jesus. They will repeat their misdeed; they will hide behind the law; they will accuse the truth as rabble-rousers. However, at the appointed time, they fall like dross. Remember, God always protects the lives and interest of his servants who follow him in the way of truth.

The Church in the world must learn to suffer like Jeremiah and like Christ Jesus if it wishes to transcend the present misguided notions of human rights, freedom and human liberty that is void of all forms of spirituality and integrity. The world of deception will confront and threaten her. Like Jeremiah and Christ Jesus, she must continue on a steady path to be a witness for the truth. Otherwise, we can never overcome the culture of death now confronting the world.

The dark minds of the world have stooped to the lowest denominator to protect their goals. Innocent people are like flies. They wipe them out from the face of the earth. This present pandemic must awaken every living Christian to a deeper level of spiritual awareness and quest for the truth. Otherwise, greed will make us all fall victim to the deception of the world but truth will help us overcome the culture of death.

O God, help us overcome this culture of death. Enlighten us with your truth and help us to live always by it.

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