God in Christ will raise Us Up



God in Christ will raise Us Up

I am indelibly grateful to God for the gifts of the Sacraments of Initiation. Through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Holy Eucharist, God entered into an everlasting covenant with us. His promise is eternal. God promised: no one who believes him would perish. They will enjoy eternal life (Jn.3:16). Christ further added, and if anyone lives on the flesh and the blood of the Son of Man, God will raise him/her from the dead on the last day.

Jesus insisted: the Word of the Father is his food. Similarly, the flesh and the blood of Christ is the food and drink of Christians. Loyalty to the Word and the Eucharist are the determining factors of our faith. They are outward signs of our hope in the resurrection on the last day. Our commitment to the Word of God, our fidelity to the Holy Eucharist, they will determine our preparedness to participate in the resurrection of the dead. In other words, they bear witness to the quality of our relationship with God the Father and with Christ.

God will never shortchange us. No matter where the mortal bodies of our lies in the dust of the earth, we have the assurance form him. He will open our graves, reinvigorate us with his Spirit and lead us into eternity with him (Ezek.37:12-14). By the raising of Lazarus from the dead, Christ prefigured his resurrection. Moreover, by raising, Lazarus from the dead, God fulfilled the prophecy of Ezekiel concerning our resurrection.

What is God saying to the world today? Do not take life on earth for granted. Live wisely and always prepare ourselves for the life of the world to come. Do not be fooled. Let us live by the wisdom of God and cherish the gifts we received through the Sacraments of Initiation. Rely on the Word. Live the Sacraments and we will live.

Thank you, Lord, for your word and sacraments.

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