In Absence of Wisdom Justice is perverted

MONDAY: Fifth Week of Lent


In Absence of Wisdom Justice is perverted

The allegory of Susanna points us towards the destructive nature and consequences of corrupt values and disordered affection. It shows how easily people can become the grub of deception and conspiracy. In the absence of wisdom and discernment, the truth suffers; justice is perverted and the innocent receives the treatment that a culprit deserves.

Christianity sets the foundation for a home of goodwill (Acts.2:42). Whereas authentic Caritas and Filial love empowers every person to build a spiritual Utopian consciousness and to avoid individualism at all, cost. Christianity, in other words, founded on the principles of the two greatest commandments (Matt.22:36-40) and the new commandment (Jn.13:34) challenges us to rise beyond our petty disordered self-interest and to act with integrity and justice.

Humankind, whenever they transgress the principles of divine and natural law, create for themselves an unjust order. They corrupt the whole chain of human activities in the interest of inordinate self-love. However, each one of us must strive to imitate the spirituality of Daniel. We must possess his insight. Let us give the Holy Spirit a chance to guide us in the ways of wisdom and discernment. Only then shall be able to maintain a just historical, social, political, economic, religious order and a just legal system where justice and peace find a home among us.

Remember, brother and sisters, disordered affection and inordinate love always lead to the perversion of justice. However, Christians have the imperative command to be as perfect as their heavenly Father is perfect (Matt.5:48).

Lord, teach us to walk always in your divine footsteps.

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