Our Downfall

TUESDAY: Fifth Week of Lent


Our Downfall

The whole world is in the wilderness, at present. Still, people are not listening. A misguided sense of entitlement keeps the world focused on the fleshpots like Israel of old in the desert. We are like vagabonds of virtues and values – noting distracts us from our corrupt values and inordinate habits and affections. The fiery serpents are at our doorsteps. We are too distracted to recognise danger and death are at our door. Self-indulgence and entitlement have us gripped in its vice and we seem willing to sacrifice all else for their sake.

The saga of Israel between Mount Hor and the land of Edom (Num.21:8-4) today, in the face of COVID 19, is a fresh reminder of the thoughtless and relentless self-indulgence, which caused their demise in the desert. Today’s generation, unlike Moses, gave the youth an unprecedented sense of entitlement and unbridled freedom and false notion of human rights. People satisfy their every need without restraint. Humility, obedience and self-control are archaic values. No one needs God until a crisis comes knocking the door, so it appears.

Today the Church must act in the stead of Moses and the Lord Jesus Christ. She must boldly, embrace the opportunity, to redirect the flock and keep it on a steady path to the Promised Land. Her ultimate objective is to exalt Christ Jesus who is the source and summit of all human perfection and fullness of life. Time is against us. COVID 19, as if like fiery serpents are creating havoc throughout the world. Meanwhile Christian spirituality appears to be at its lowest. Faith is in crisis. Nevertheless, people still believe that man shall live by bread alone. What shall we do?

Like Moses and Christ Jesus, as Church, we need to point the way forward. We need to speak the language of the cross with clarity. We need to focus on the notion of redemptive suffering. This crisis is not the end of the road but the genesis of a new beginning. Fix our eyes on the cross of Christ. We shall win the victory in Christ.

Lord, I place all my trust in you. Do not let me be distracted by the fleshpots of this passing world. Rescue me from the destruction of the Coronavirus.

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