God Protects Those Who Obey

WEDNESDAY: Fifth Week of Lent

Dan. 3:14-20.91-92.95/Dn.3:52-56/Jn.8:31-42

God Protects Those Who Obey

In our natural human estate, we are never invincible. Even the gods cloaked with divine protection understand they are still vulnerable. The trials of Job, Daniel, the prophets, John the Baptist and Christ Jesus himself, despite their holiness, they did not escape persecution and suffering. The devil seeks every opportunity to subject and conquer the world – especially good people (Job 1:6-12). He is out to impose suffering and pain upon those who do not obey his destructive commands. God, however, protects his obedient children from the hands of the wicked (Ps.97:10).

From Adam to the present times, everyone in the flesh is touchable and conquerable, left to his or her device when he or she defies the will of God. Our only full proof protection is the armour of the Lord (Eph.6:11). However, only humility and obedience and a profound love of God will permit us to wear it (Jn.14:23; Rev.3:20). Otherwise, we make ourselves demigods like Nebuchadnezzar, put God to the test, and receive a divine awakening. There is only one God.

To enable us to overcome evil and the world God gave us the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord (Is.11:1-6) in the same measure as he did with Daniel and with his Son. The children of God are vulnerable when they live in the unspiritual world. They are unconquerable wearing the amour of God, who provides them with the gift of spiritual wisdom (1Cor.2:13-15).

God, overwhelmingly protected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the burning furnace. In other words, faith may not shelter us from redemptive suffering, but the hand of God will protect us from all evils. Humility and obedience to God are absolute imperatives for faith and full communion with God.

Given our present predicament, how are we faring? Are we embracing the situation with a sense of humility, obedience and responsibility? How many of us are defying authorities and flaunting the necessary restrictions for the safety of others and ourselves? People of faith must act responsibly. They do not tempt God. They become perfect through humility, obedience (Phil.2:6-11), and suffering (Heb.2:10). Let us give God a chance to purge us and make us perfect through our ongoing sufferings.

Lord, I surrender my entire will to yours.

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