Apprentices with the Architect and Builder of the Kingdom

THURSDAY: Fifth Week of Lent


Apprentices with the Architect and Builder of the Kingdom

Through the Sacraments of Initiation, we entered into a covenant with Christ. Like Abraham, God gave us a name change. He identifies us as Christians. We are those, while still in our human form share in the divine nature, substance, vision and mission of Christ in the world. We are the inscription of the covenant. Each one of us as livings stones must work together with God and Christ Jesus to build the eternal city God has in mind for us.

God is the architect and builder (Heb.11:10). The kingdom cannot come without our participation and contribution (Matt.6:10). In other words, this is a commitment in perpetuity. Every Christian in every age has a role to play towards this end.

Never, despite our human errors, does God forget his covenant. God is always faithful. God is determined to build the kingdom with us and for us. God is persistent in his efforts. From one generation to the next; God is resilient as ever (Ps.104:4-9). God's kingdom is the kingdom of eternal life. In that kingdom of the Father, we shall all be heirs of God and coheirs with Christ. We cannot achieve a common purpose if we are at variance with the architect and builder. For this reason, Christ appeals to us in today's gospel to be faithful to his word, and we will all live together in eternity with him and with the Father.

Our present human condition provides us with all the necessary space and silence, peace and tranquillity to evaluate our humility, obedience and level of cooperation as collaborators with God and Christ. We have all, like the prodigal son; have wasted some aspect of the building material of God's kingdom. We can never repay it all but can in some way or other to make a more conscientious effort to follow God's master plan until our task here is complete.

Lord, guide me and keep me on the safe and narrow path.

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