Our Freedom in Christ

FRIDAY: Fifth Week of Lent


Our Freedom in Christ

Hannus hated school. Every day was an ordeal for his parents to get him out of the house on time. One day he blurted out, look there is a pig tied to the tree in the yard. Bathe him! Send him to school! I will take its place. In the end, Hannus turned out to be a highly recommended surgeon. Persistence, humility, and obedience brought out the best qualities in Hannus.

Unless people understand, even though they are not equal with God, yet they share in his divine nature and substance. God endowed humankind with power, authority and dominion over all the works of his hand. Humankind, therefore, in humility and obedience must, subject themselves to listening and fulfilling their mission in the world according to God's plan for each individual.

Arrogance and ignorance, forbid us to work, in tandem with God. They blindfold us to the truth about ourselves and strip us of our potentials. The sorry tale is the counsel of righteous is like a curse and an obstacle in the way of the arrogant and ignorant person. Wisdom of the righteous are obsessions with the selfish and unwise person.

At present, we live in a world where people believe each person is an entity in himself or herself. This notion of self-governance without borders has landed us in the valley of suffering, death, and tears. Meanwhile, individualism and partisanship are capitalizing on the plight of sufferers to advance their cause and to encourage civil disobedience, by pretending they are advocates of bread and justice for the disadvantage.

Such was the historical, social, political, economic, religious conditions that rendered Jeremiah and Jesus hostile enemies of the establishments of their time. In other words, individualism, arrogance and ignorance, in short order will oppose the truth on every front and eventually lead their proponents to self-destruction – taking the blind with them.

Are we ready for further human destruction during this global pandemic, or are we looking for a complete spiritual overhaul in anticipation of a new heaven and new earth when all is said and done?

O God, free me, and I will be free.

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