Lord, Lead Us Home

SATURDAY: Fifth Week of Lent


Lord, Lead Us Home

In the dark days of our life, we search for meaning and clarity in everything that makes sense to us. In the raging storm, survival is our priority. In a drought, the grass wilts, the plants die, the earth cracks open, and people struggle to survive with the lack of water and food. Hope keeps us alive knowing that every season has its longevity or brevity. Nothing lasts forever. Why? Because God is in control of our presence here and our destiny.

Throughout this Lenten season, our daily scripture readings have fittingly addressed the global human condition confronting us. God is in the furnace with us, right now. He has not abandoned us, neither will he. God assures us. He will recreate us; he will restore our land. He will make us his people, and he shall be our God (Ezek.37:21-28).

Apostasy steals our joy and carries us away into captivity. It deprives of a sanctuary to praise our God (Ps.137). However, our compassionate and loving God guards us as a shepherd guards his flock and keeps reassuring us of his determination to turn our mourning into joy. God is waiting for us to repent of our apostasy to console us and give us gladness instead of grief (Jer.31:13).

The sound of music has grown silent. The echoes of dirges are deafening. Death and brokenness confront every nation under heaven, unabashedly. Powerful nations feel helpless. Sanctuaries are bare; pews stand empty. The gods of this earth are powerless. They are unable to control this invisible enemy - not even to give their people some measure of comfort or consolation to their people. Nevertheless, here is our God assuring us he will sanctify us, console us, and to restore our gladness. The parable of the prodigal son prefigures our conversion.

O God, take me by the hand and lead me home.

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