Hang in There



Hang in There

The Church in the world today occupies a unique position to demonstrate the nature, substance, and resilience of Christ. At this time, she does not only celebrate the Passion of Christ, but she must endure the Passion in her flesh and blood. As a community of faithful disciples, each morning, she must awake to use her disciple's tongue to respond to the human carnage now confronting the world. On her own accord, she feels powerless and must wait for her Lord and master to guide her through these turbulent times.

In her human estate, she must suffer and die. She is in the valley of suffering and death. Her mortality confronts her daily. Like her Lord and Master, she feels abandoned. In her human estate, she is once again learning to speak the language of the Cross. She must understand and endure the pangs of redemptive suffering since she lives, moves and have her being in Christ. Then will she grasp the meaning of the Mystical Body of Christ and live as suffering servants of God.

Surrounded by human suffering and death, like Christ while the world hails her heroism she must remain, humble and obedient to the Father to guide her to her Passion, the Cross - death, and resurrection. It is only by staying on this straight and narrow path, will the Father exalt her in the end. We relive the triumphant entry of Christ today as if we are no longer followers of Christ.

Brothers and sisters, this Lenten season, this Holy Week is particularly meaningful to all of us. Why? In recent times, we behaved like prodigal children of God. We discredited Christ by ripping his body apart for our individualistic purposes. Now it is our chance to make amends and to let God raise us in glory as he did with Christ. This time around, let our Hosanna be sincere.

Lord, we acknowledge, we are one body. Our sins affect you personally. Help us that when we recover, we will celebrate your love for us in humility and obedience.

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