Stay Safe; Live Righteously

MONDAY of Holy Week


Stay Safe; Live Righteously

God is a silent worker and sufferer among us. He diligently expends himself to reconcile us to himself (Is.42:1-7). His gentle mastery would not permit him to intimidate even the most egregious acts of religious hypocrisy. Instead, he pays close attention to our frailty and seeks every opportunity to challenge us to embrace a change of heart. When we do not embrace the chances God offers us for conversion, we self-destruct (Is.1:10-20).

Our ego sometimes would not permit us to cooperate with God's plan of salvation for us. Under such conditions, God becomes an obstacle in our path. We do not recognise him as our God, redeemer or saviour. Advertently, we seek to eliminate God and all things associated with his name. The result of such a move is always tragic.

We can all learn from Judas' tragic end. His selfishness and in his quest for power and control made him critical of everything Christ did. By repeatedly announcing his betrayal and death, Jesus gave Judas numerous opportunities for conversion. Selfishness and greed blindfolded Judas. He self-destructed in the end.

Caught in the web of arrogance and disobedience, we are self-destructing today. In addition, like Judas, we condemn the just actions of others to justify our self-righteousness. My friends only God and Christ Jesus can sanctify justify and glorify us. We must listen to his flattering voice and return to him. During this epidemic, let us listen attentively to what the Holy Spirit is revealing to us.

If greed is the cause of our suffering, then let us do as Christ did. Let us pray for those who conspired against the lives of so many innocent people. Most of all let us pray for our doctors and nurses. They are like Mary; they are anointing the feet of our Lord in the sick and dying. Never let selfishness and greed control us. Make room in our lives for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us.

O God, take away my heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh that I may always have high regard for human life.

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