We Can Do This

TUESDAY: of Holy Week


We Can Do This

God in Christ designated us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matt.5:13-16). Metaphorically speaking, God, in Christ called us to be servants of righteousness, justice, peace and morality. Like Christ Jesus, God endowed us with his Spirit, his virtues and moral courage to transform all disapproving human conditions, and to redeem humankind from the slavery of sin and evil. Integrity defines the divine presence in all of us who practice it.

Our mission, as servants of God in a corrupt world, is a tall order to imitate God and Christ Jesus. The Lord is an empath. His love endures forever. Similarly, he is willing to experience long-suffering to save sinners. He stands in solidarity with sufferers; sometimes, his efforts seem in vain. However, he will not rest until he establishes true justice among the nation (Is. 62:1; Is.42:1-4). Jesus is God's gift of love and salvation to the world (Jn.3:16-17).

God purposefully sent his Son Jesus Christ as a suffering servant to demonstrate to us the virtues, values and courage needed by his children in the world to be his representatives on earth (2Cor.2:20). The efforts of the Church in the world is becoming increasingly tedious. However, the task of reconciling the world to God is not impossible, even if the Church must endure the cross repeatedly. Even in the depth of her suffering, her agony, the Church must do all she possibly can to bring sinners back to their senses. The pandemic is the opportune time for the Church to demonstrate the qualities of the suffering servant of Christ. In the end, God will glorify her. Her efforts will not go in vain.

Revive us, O Lord, with you your grace and set us once more on the right path to salvation.

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