Discipleship, Humility, Obedience and Redemptive Suffering

WEDNESDAY of Holy Week


Discipleship, Humility, Obedience and Redemptive Suffering

Discipleship with Christ is a school where the chosen sons and daughters of God learn the art of living, listening, and learning, speaking the language of the cross, suffering, serving and dying like Christ. Christ Jesus is the divine teacher and model par excellence of the Christian school of formation. In the end, attendees embody Christ. God expects them to respond to the demands of the kingdom by imitating Christ in his humility and obedience to the Father.

The mandate and objectives of Christ must become their own to bring to fulfilment the hopes of salvation. Like Ezekiel and the apostle, John, the scroll is sweet to the taste buds but digesting it, it becomes bitter (Ezek.3:3; Rev.10:10). It is easy regurgitating the word of God but the level of unselfishness and the kenotic experiences it calls for challenges us to rise above our natural human nature and instincts to rediscover the divine nature concealed in all of us.

Judas had many chances to redeem himself. But he closed every door to Christ. He never envisaged his dismal end in assuming the role he played in Christ's Passion and death. However, Jesus remained faithful to the end. His mission was to save the world, not to condemn it. Christ never condemned Judas. Instead, before his death, Christ asked the Father, to forgive those who executed him. St. Paul concluded, saying Christ was obedient and humble even unto death and God glorified him. In summary, humility, obedience and redemptive suffering will permit us to share in the glories of heaven with Christ. Yes! We can do this!

Lord, thanks for admitting me into your company as your student.

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