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The life of Christians must be one of exemplary gratitude for the redemptive love of Christ for the world. Indeed, no greater love can a man have than to lay down his life for his friends. Yet at the time, Christ died, the world was his enemy (Rom.5:8). Out of perfect love for humankind, Christ died to reconcile us to God, make us heirs of God, and coheirs with himself.

Christ embodied the suffering servant in Isaiah. By doing so, Christ demonstrated in his body, the divine and selfless virtues and values of redemptive suffering for others. His whole being and presence on the Cross - his Passion and death, the institution of the Eucharist are kenotic moments history can never erase from the collective memory of all generations. Why? Christ was impervious to falling victim to evil. He chose to preserve his integrity by fulfilling the will of his Father. Christ expects us to battle against the sins of the flesh in the same way. Of our own volition, we must die to ourselves in loving God above all things. Like Christ, we must willingly shed our blood for the sake of righteousness (Heb. 12:4) - this is the cost of authentic discipleship – in this is the way we live the paschal mystery with Christ and in Christ.

Today God calls us to journey in the footsteps of Christ - to reenact his Passion. Good Friday must challenge to rise beyond our petty self-interest to imitate Christ Jesus in his humility, obedience and his absolute selflessness to save the world for which the Father sent him into the world. The Sacrament of Confirmation defines us as sufferers, and fighters with Christ. Our mission as strong and perfect Christians make us conquers of the world with Christ. In fact, we do not celebrate the paschal mystery; we live it.

O God, make me obedient as Christ Jesus. May I live and die like him.

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