Holy Saturday

Sleep Now, Lord

While you sleep, O valiant divine warrior

the hill and mountains,

the plains and valleys,

the seas and nations reenact your Passion.

The drama of Calvary lives again.

Lamentation, dirges,

amides the sound of pounding mallets, nails and wood,

the slain, saints and sinners, lie in silence side by side.

Give comfort to the suffering souls and awake your holy ones.

Uncertainty grips the nations.

Hope keeps us alive knowing that

every season has its longevity or brevity.

Nothing lasts forever. The pandemic too shall pass.

And we shall rise in you when the new dawn comes tomorrow.

Convinced we are those,

while still in our human form

we share in your divine nature,

substance, vision and mission,

like you O Mighty One, we too shall rise to see the Father's glory.

Sleep now, O Lord, sleep.

Take your rest.

Tomorrow there will be glory in the lands.

© J. Lambert. St. Rose

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