Money Speaks


Acts 2:14.22-33/Ps.15:1-2,5,7-11/Matt.28:8-15

Money Speaks

When money speaks, human life is cheap, and the truth will die in bondage. God is the truth; he is indestructible. The same applies to the human soul. God created it in his image and likeness to transcend all the ambiguities of life and evil. Christ embodies the fullness and indestructibility of the Word and God's plan for creation - especially humankind's salvation. Everything God created is good. No seed carries its destruction except the seed of evil, which seeks to corrupt the hearts and minds of men and women.

The resurrection of Christ Jesus testifies no corruption, deception or evil can triumph over the power of God for those who put their trust in him. As hard as the Jewish and Roman officials tried to conceal the truth of Christ's resurrection, the history of salvation proved them wrong. The same will happen to the present crop of evil men and women. However, for our part, we must derive strength to endure the wars, trails, tribulations, hunger, and nakedness to rise above the evils of this world. We must imitate Christ Jesus in his temptations. We never lose sight of the Holy Spirit that we too may share with Christ Jesus the glories his resurrection.

God, thanks for the gifts of your Son and the Holy Spirit, our teacher and advocate keep our eyes and hearts fixed on them.

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