We Will Sing Alleluia, Again

TUESDAY: Within the Octave of Easter

Acts 2:36-41/Ps.32:4-5,18-20,22/Jn.20:11-18

We Will Sing Alleluia, Again

A personal encounter with the risen Lord will change one's life forever. The Holy Spirit will suddenly come alive within that person and transform him or her into a mouthpiece of God, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom. The woman at the well, Mary, weeping at the tomb of Jesus, Peter and the disciples, left behind their past; they ran to tell the good news of their encounter with Christ.

All those who encountered Christ, he reinvigorated the Holy Spirit in them; he made them reflections of himself. He commissioned them to announce the gospel and to reconcile the world to God. The urgency with which Peter in Acts 2:36-41 and Mary in John 20:11-18 is reminiscent of Christ breathing upon his disciples and commissioning them to continue the work the Father sent him to do - binding men and women for the kingdom (Jn.20:21-23).

Our present human condition is challenging. The brokenness, which exists today, is begging for a Mary and a Peter to announce: the Lord has risen. The veil of death and mourning draping the world, God will destroy forever if only this generation abandons the gods of the earth and rend their hearts, not their garments. Only then shall the whole world sing again in unison: Alleluia! The Lord has risen.

O God, come alive in our hearts. Let your glory shine upon us.

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