We Yearn for your Presence, Lord

WEDNESDAY: Within the Octave of Easter

Acts 3:1-10/Ps.104:1-4.6-9/Lk.24:13-35

We Yearn for your Presence, Lord

Two things are evident in today's Liturgy of the Word: the power of the Word and the Eucharist. Spoken and broken, they can heal and transform human lives for the glory of God. The differently abled beggar at the Beautiful Gate received more than he bargained for when he encountered Peter and John. By the power of the broken Word, he received total healing and transformation. Meanwhile, the disciples, on the road to Emmaus were gradually enlightened as the risen Lord conversed with them. At the breaking of the bread, their eyes opened. The recognised the risen Lord.

The mission of the Church in the world today is quite challenging. We live and work as Church among many differently abled people as well as among a disbelieving generation. Caught in this quagmire, coupled with the culture of death confronting and the spiritual distancing as exists today, the Church, as the Mystical Body of Christ must use every tool at her disposal to bring the Word and Eucharist to her disciples. Otherwise, they may stray further afield and remain in their paralysis. We must imitate Christ in his post-resurrection activities to keep his Church alive and functioning.

Only by the power of the Word, the Holy Spirit and the Eucharist the face the earth will experience renewal and the human condition change for the best. I pray we will double our efforts at a new evangelization when this crisis is over. Now that we have discovered the effectiveness of the social media to stay in touch with the flock, let us take full advantage and use it effectively from henceforth. Congratulation for all who are doing so now.

Lord, reinvigorate by Word and the Eucharist. Send forth your Spirit upon us.

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