Change our Heart and Minds

THURSDAY within the Octave of Easter

Acts 3:11-26/Ps.8:2,5-9/Lk.24:35-48

Change our Heart and Minds

Human perfection comes with time. It is a learning experience. So too, Christian holiness is a process of intellectual and spiritual conversion. The struggles, which, led to the death of Christ, was a long conceptual battle. The concept of an apparent mortal claiming divine attributes was an anachronism for the scribes, Pharisees and the Jewish people. It was beyond their cognitive ability to embrace Jesus Christ, the son of Mary and a carpenter named Joseph as the Son of God. Christ understood this. For this reason, compassion, love, mercy, forgiveness and solidarity were high on his divine agenda. Christ Jesus gave his disciples, the Jewish people as well as the Jewish authorities, time to process and assimilate his person, his presence and mission.

God created humankind to know him - meaning to intellectualize and to embody him (Jer.31:31-34) and possess all his divine qualities (Lev.11:44; Matt.5:45). Repentance and conversion call for radical change that depends on people's ability to grasp the truth and abide by it. Christ had to die and come back to life that the truth of his divinity would be recognized and accepted by the world.

The notion of great things happens when God mixes with man is not as easy as drinking a cup of tea. No! Great things will happen, but we must die to ourselves, integrate the divine qualities of the Father into our being. Be humble! Obey God, unconditionally. Yes! The call to repentance is a journey away from selfishness towards a total openness to the will of God. Only then will the Lord fulfil his promise to heal our land and restore our fortunes (2Chr.7:14).

Lord, I open my mind, heart, soul and spirit to you. Do with me whatever is your will.

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