Lord, do not leave us at Sea

FRIDAY: within the Octave of Easter

Acts 4:1-12/Ps.117:1-2.4,22-27/Jn.21:1-14

Lord, do not leave us at Sea

Do not be fooled. Discipleship with Christ is no easy walk in the park. Our frail human tendencies can and will revisit us whenever faith convictions fail us. However, the Good Shepherd never abandons his sheep. No matter how Crimson or Scarlet we turn when we regress, He will find us and, cleanse us and reinstate is into his fold.

Doubt will assail us sometimes. We will stray from the path God has in mind for us. That is not the end of the line for us. Keep an open mind and humble disposition. Why? Because God is looking for you. Peter's return to his previous profession as an angler and encouraging others to do the same is symptomatic of our human nature. Unless we have tangible evidence, it is difficult for us to sustain faith. Under such conditions, we quickly regress.

The post-resurrection narratives assure us - even if Christ may be out of our reach and sight, we are never out of his mind. His love for us did not end on the cross. His wounds and his scars did not prevent him from searching for Peter and the other disciples on the sea. He knew exactly where to find them. Christ is still doing the same for you and me.

The conditions today are ideal for Christians to regress to their old way of life. COVID 19 can give all of us ready-made excuses why we should let down our guards and return to the mundane practices for survival sake. The bread in today's gospel is symbolic of Christ's flesh. The fish is a symbol of the disciples. Together they are symbols of sacrifice and the Eucharist. The breaking of bread and fish remind us, we are the suffering servants of God with Christ. We must suffer with him for the salvation of the world. Let us endure struggles of today for tomorrow we shall rise and be an altogether a new people and a new earth. God is counting on us.

Lord, be our strength. Be patient with us in our weaknesses.

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